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Rivera's character comes off as a cold-hearted and vicious cheerleader, who often shows her softer side to fellow cheerleader Brittany (played by Heather Morris).

Rivera auditioned for the opportunity "to sing, dance and act all in the same show," and because she was a fan of co-creator Ryan Murphy's previous work on Nip/Tuck.

Most models can be equipped with couplers for hassle-free flying."Rachel I-" Santana Lopez stopped talking as she walked into her girlfriend's living room. Rachel looked up from her spot on the floor and stared at her girlfriend in surprise."Santana... "Ryder I-""You said a bad word." the child said, laughing. that only leaves when we move to New York, because I'm assuming he's coming with us." Santana said."I'm still working on that part, actually." Rachel admitted."You'd leave your own son behind while you move to New York? Of course I don't want to." Rachel said."Well who's the dad? James, or anyone else from the Glee Club." Santana said."It most definitely is not Finn. I was at some workshop thing during Christmas break in eighth grade. "She said that you a good singer, but not as much as her." he said. "Well, Santana and I are in a relationship with each other." she continued.She'd been dating Rachel Berry for six months and she'd only ever been inside her house once. I thought we were meeting at the Lima Bean at eight." she squeaked. I just thought I'd surprise you and pick you up." she said, staring at the child. " she asked, nodding at the toddler in Rachel's arms."Him? Santana chuckled in amusement as the boy looked over at her. Rachel nodded."Santana, this is my son, Ryder Daniel Berry." the diva said."How old is he? Some guy there kept flirting with me and he wanted to sleep with me, but I wouldn't so he kept giving me shot after shot until I was completely wasted. I talk about her a lot too." she said."Wanna know what Mommy said? Santana looked at Rachel."That was before we started dating. Ryder, I know that I'm not as great of a singer as your mommy. ""Santana." The Latina in question laughed."Sorry, baby girl." Rachel turned to her son."Ryder, you know how Grandpa Danny and Grandpa Bobby are in a relationship with each other? He looked at Santana and walked over to her."You're pretty." he said.That's some serious hiding right there, Ray." Santana said.Rachel smiled."Yea...""So why wouldn't Ryder be able to come to New York with us? but I want to get settled in New York for a year before we bring Ryder into all that chaos. I want to get used to New York before I bring my baby boy into all of that." Rachel said. ""You wrote a song about being an only child, remember? The little boy looked up at Rachel and the diva's eyes instantly widened.