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Use the up/down arrows to adjust this level for each drive.

The recommended ‘Cache Level’ setting depends on your computer specifications, including: A ‘Cache Level’ of 0 is recommended for users with high-performance computer setups.

Double clicking on any movie entry opens a new window, where you can easily edit the DVD details.

From the director, the genre, the filming studio and the cast actors to the release year, language, duration or the MPAA rating, all these details can be either customized by the user or downloaded from or IMDb.

The Mac has a very nice GUI to the package manager called Te X Live Utility. Once a year, the Te X Live packagers must "freeze" the system so that the latest version of the distribution (with new binaries) can be produced and tested.

If you choose to grab the details from one of the two mentioned websites, the application opens a search window.

Enter the keywords, press the ' Search' button and the movie metadata is downloaded quickly.

Right-clicking on any item in the table reveals additional options: you can play the selected DVD using the default application, delete all the metadata (including the DVDID XML file) or edit the raw XML file found in the DVD Cache folder.

A list of available drives will appear under ‘Disk Volume’ with their respective ‘Cache Level’ setting to the right.