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When images of Kate Walsh kissing an unknown blond man appeared all over the Internet last week, one was led to believe the star of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" called it quits with the man she seemed to be dating since the Golden Globes.

TV mom, Sally Field—one of my spies spotted him and Walsh "making out" at Jeffrey Katzenberg's Night Before pre-Oscar bash.

A solo Bruce Willis appeared to be having a lot of fun at the Winehouse show. For Winehouse fans out there, there's talk she'll be joining one of my favorites, Queen Latifah, at her jazz show at the Hollywood Bowl in July.

Thirty four years old actor has appeared in many movies and television series and is also able to establish himself as a successful actor in the American industry.There were the usual introductions to new characters... The family is centred around older parents and their children - 2 daughters (casting Calista Flockhart, 42, as the younger of the two sisters and much younger looking 38 year old Rachel Griffiths, 38, as the older sister was a little odd) and 3 brothers (one, seemingly, an Afghanistan war veteran, one a lawyer who does happen to be gay and the last a brother who is working at the family business).since it's a rather large ensemble depicting a family of adult children and two older parents there wasn't much room for in depth intros but it was adequate for a premiere episode. Something odd is afoot at the family business both on the financial side and the emotional side.While attending the college, he was involved with the student-run TV station, Plattsburgh State Television where he worked on both productions on the air and behind the scenes as well.The show that he hosted on PSTV includes Cardinal Sports, Late Night with Dave Annable and The Roommate Game.In his early age, he was fond of playing baseball, rugby and hockey.