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Updating printer firmware

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What does everybody think about this proposed solution?I keep my files on another machine and have a simple script that mounts the file system, compiles it and downloads it with ino and then un-mounts the file system.My intention was to run it from the system menu but it didn't work, probably due to running as the wrong user.I decided I wanted to see the output from ino anyway, so I just SSH in and run it.We strongly advise to contact our support team updating to evaluate if your problem may be caused by the firmware or fonts itself.

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Ideally, both the printer and the computer should be plugged into an uninterruptable power supply.

The program I am using is called Ino, and I can edit, compile, and upload firmware directly from an ssh instance.

There was some minor hacks involved to get it to work, but it is spelled out in the readme file I keep on the firmware repo: It's not as nice as being able to access it from Octoprint directly, but the ability to keep an instance of firmware local to each machine on each machine has been a real game changer for me.

By being a firmware update 'early adopter', I'm accepting that I'm going to be used as a guinea pig by the manufacturer in question.

I may get great new features, speed improvements and other such benefits eventually, but really I'm just an unofficial beta tester.