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Updating your sound card

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In such a scenario, you will have to refer to the device manufacturers website to download and install the driver.

You can either go to the PC or audio device manufacturer’s website to obtain the latest driver for the device according to the Windows 10 specifications.

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If you don't hear sound when playing files: • There may be problems with the particular file you are playing, • There may be problems with your system's sound configuration, or • The sound card drivers are out-of-date.

VOB files: If you're having trouble with a file, and you have purchased Real Player Plus, make sure that Real Player's DVD Burn plugin is installed on your computer (just go to the Burn screen in Real Player and select the DVD Video Burn type; this activates the plugin download). Click the Settings button under Sound Card Compatibility.

Updating your computer's drivers and other updates can resolve problems, improve the performance, and increase the stability of your computer.After opening Real Times (Real Player), right-click the speaker icon next to the clock in the lower right corner of your monitor screen and select Mixer (or Volume Control in older versions). In the Volume Mixer dialog box, move the slider that appears under Real Times (Real Player). To rule out a problem with the file itself, try playing a sample video clip: v=726637201320 If the sample file plays, the problem may be with the specific file that you were trying to play. Luckily, it's fairly easy to get the audio editing program, media player or audio application working again with your sound card.If you need to use audio for presentations or to edit audio and video, you may need to know how to troubleshoot an audio card if it fails. Click "Go" and then "Utilities" followed by "Disk Utility." Select your hard disk from the list of options on the left, and then click "Repair Disk Permissions." Sometimes, corrupted permissions can cause problems with audio. Click "System Preferences" in the dock and then click "Sound," located under the Hardware section.Make sure that the Mute checkbox located in the lower right corner is unchecked. Open Terminal by clicking on "Go" and then "Utilities." Select the Terminal icon and enter the following code into the Terminal: sudo kill -9 `ps ax|grep 'coreaudio[a-z]' | awk ''` You'll need to enter your password to use this code.