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Dating british made stanley planes

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I have often thought about this, but never bothered to enquire (I will do my best to find out).

My thoughts are that they were made in relatively recent times, that is, sometime in the last 50 or 60 years, possibly coinciding with USA-made planes declining.

The information in this Web page is derived from a type study done by Roger Smith, in his book "Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America." Patrick Leach reformatted the type study and added comments based on his experience with Stanley planes.

I converted the type study to hypertext and added the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline.

They did move tool production there, but the plane production is still a mystery with conflicting information. No 4 1/2 smoothers English (type study draft below). (NB: adjusting nuts went from brass to steel to brass and back in this period.

The 4 1/2 is 10″ long (1″ longer than the No4 and 3/8″ wider with a 2 1/4″ cutter) and its increased mass makes it hard to work but a very effective smoother. Blade tops changed to rounded at some time C1960s Y-levers went from cast to two-piece stamped and back to cast again at this time) Type 4.

There are twenty types of Stanley planes dating back to 1867.

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Most sites that I have seen only deal with planes made in seppo land(USA).My continued interest in the history of Hand planes just carries me further and further. I’m still in the processes of verifying this, so for now, us it with that knowledge. Nos 265-11213 series: No 4 smoother, 62 low angle jack, 92 shoulder, 9 1/2 block, 60 1/2 low angle block. 20 years ago no-one wanted English Stanleys, even though they have some advantages including mass and blade thickness (and availability) and they were cheap.I didn’t think Stanley started making plane there until much later. Now, interest is rising again, check the IG posts on them, proud woodworkers and their English Stanley’s. I suppose they could be fettled to be something good, but they're not going to be worth anything if you decide to sell them.It looks like boatloads of information, but once you "type" a couple, you'll be able to spot what you want in most cases, and if you're unsure, you'll be able to take the iron off and look at the frog and tell.Here’s a gathering of possible info that considers type studies for English Stanley’s, started by Zeta in a woodwork forum Tools UK bought JA Chapman in Sheffield and started making planes in 1937.