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I am attempting to create a database in Access to store all of this data as there are 8 different people using the worksheet and each person saves as and names the spreadsheet differently. There is a good possibility that you don't need to move to Access but could accomplish your task with some Excel VBA coding. The users save the workbooks on a shared network drive in separate folders. There are indeed multiple workbooks per user as that workbook is used as the master copy. This results in several spreadsheets in different locations and I have to manually copy and paste the data into one master spreadsheet for analytics to be run. The users will input their data and perform a save as. Tooltip Text = "Add a new entry for this Vehicle" . On Action = "Add_Entry" End With End If Set ctrl = new Menu. If you want to have a location only for Excel for example use this path : Note : Adding the folder to your Favorites is my favorite because you see the folder in your open and save dialogs in Excel.Below you find a macro and a function that you can use to create a folder if it not exists in the Root folder named : UBF8T346G9. Screen Updating = True Exit Sub End Sub Sub PBIInstantiate() Dim WS As Worksheet Dim bool Found As Boolean bool Found = False For Each WS In Worksheets If WS.

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The data from each tab is compiled in the Data tab as shown in the photo as well. PNG mrwowery, Welcome to the Lounge as a new poster! Any other data you can provide on the process would be most helpful in making suggestions. It has all the capability to start a new year and a new commodity themselves. In fact no one called me for the last 10 years (there were still a couple of places using it in the last ten years) unless it was because they forgot how to do something … I think I should win some kind of award for this but of course I won’t.This Excel tutorial explains how to refresh a closed workbook. Save Msg Box "PBI Update Complete", vb Information vb OKOnly, "PBI Update" Exit Sub PBIErr: Msg Box Err. I never made much money on it either but frankly the stuff I learned building the app was my PHD in building reliable, maintainable, self-managing spreadsheet solutions.When you use VBA in Mac Excel 2016 that Save or Open files you will notice that it is possible that it will ask you permission to access the file or folder (Grant File Access Prompt), this is because of Apple’s sandbox requirements.